Peace Ceremony x Bath Artifact Ritual Set

Peace Ceremony x Bath Artifact Ritual Set


Muse Bath Apothecary x Easy To Breathe presents

Peace Flowers x Bath Artifact Ceremony Ritual Set

We are honored to present our artisanal collaboration with the beautiful ceramic artist Easy To Breathe, from her Ceramic Studio in Ojai, CA to our Muse Bath Apothecary Studio in Long Beach, CA. We have lovingly crafted a timeless Bath Artifact Ritual Vessel + Peace Ceremony Bath Ritual Set to celebrate and honor your sacred offerings and self-care rituals. 

The Bath Artifact Vessel rests in the palm of your hand for pouring your bath rituals, smudging and sacred offerings. Our hands are the extension of our hearts and we are so honored to offer our Peace Ceremony Bath Ritual with our sacred Bath Artifact Vessel.  

The Peace Ceremony includes:

Bath Artifact Ritual Vessel

Peace Flowers Ceremony with Bath Tea Bag

Himalayan + Dead Sea Salt Blend

Peace Ceremony Sacred Mist

Selenite Crystal + Palo Santo Cleansing Wand

*Bath Artifact Vessel Hand Thrown Ceramic Vessel with our collaboration signature.

Size is 5 x 4 inches




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