Wabi Cha Natural Perfume Oil

Wabi Cha Natural Perfume Oil


Wabi Cha Natural Perfume Oil

Scent Notes: Jasmine + Tea Leaves + Copal Blossom

Wabi Cha natural perfume oil is hand-fragranced with the subtle depths of ancient tea, ceremonial jasmine, and copal blossom oil. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi Sabi is a world view centered in the wisdom found in natural simplicity. It is the acceptance of transience and imperfection as a quality of serene beauty. The origin of Cha and its meaning dates back to tea, tea plant, and tea preparation. The essence of Wabi Cha is to inspire your serene connection to your natural beauty. 

Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oil, Natural Fragrance, Jojoba Oil, Tea Leaves, Jasmine Blossoms.

Includes Perfume Roller Bag.

*hand-fragranced to order, you will receive a priority shipping date once ordered.

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